Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sugar and spice and everything nice...

That's what our little girl is made of! True, true - we are having a wee baby girl.  We went in just to find out the gender of our babe yesterday.  The technician had to dig around for a while and wiggle her so that we could indeed see her girl parts.  I feel bruised today because of it :(  It was well worth it, though! We had thought we would be having a boy, but the last few weeks we started to doubt and really had no idea.  On my side of the family there are 7 nephews and one adorable niece, so I naturally figured that boys were in our favor.  Not the case, my friends! We are totally excited to meet our precious girl! She might have a name, but we haven't solidified it yet, and we may just keep it to ourselves anyway :) 
We can hardly wait to meet her! Here she is - isn't she just beautiful?!