Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To my old friend, Stress...

Thanks so much for coming by today. Really, you couldn't have come at a better time. You came by earlier in the week when I looked at all of my junk and felt the overwhelming task of moving. You sneaked by once again yesterday when I didn't see that object behind me that scratched up the back end of my new car. That was fun, thanks. I anticipate more of you this afternoon as I attempt to move all of my belongings to a lovely storage facility miles from my home, because all of the BYU students took everything remotely close to my abode. Then once again tomorrow while I do the last of the cleaning in my former casa, and then be on the road to the airport by noon. Oh, my friend, let's keep in touch from time to time. However, let's push it off a few years. M'kay? Thanks.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Dutch favorite... an Erincita favorite.

Refreshing and delicious. Try 'em, you'll like 'em!

If you'd like to partake of an Erincita favorite, click here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amy Winehouse

Yeah, she's a messed up druggie 'n stuff, but I have to say, I really like her music. Every once in a while I come across something that really surprises me, and her style has definitely surprised me. She recently won a plethora of Grammy Awards, and deservedly so. So she's crazy - so what. The girl has got talent. Some of my personal favorites from her Back to Black album are: Rehab, You Know I'm No Good, Me & Mr. Jones, Just Friends, and Love Is A Losing Game. You don't even have to check her out, but she's bringin' it all back, folks. The beehive hair-do and all.

Keep it goin' girl.

Just a rant... thanks.

This weekend I'm heading out to Cali with some friends to bask in the lovely desert sun. However, every time I venture to California I feel a little, um, pasty. As my Mom once said, 'oh dear, you have such beautiful milky white skin'. Eeks! Blah! When you want to fit in the California beach scene, milky white skin is not what you want to have! The truth is, I am not only going to California for beach time. I'm going for a mid-singles conference. Yep, good fun for the over 30's! Actually, it's the part of the trip I am not so excited for - yet, it's what we've planned the trip around. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! In some ways it's the same way I feel about my older single adult ward. I know I should just leave if I'm not happy, but I fear that going to a family ward might be an even bigger adjustment. I mean, at least I know the quirks and craziness of a single adult ward.
I think what bothers me most about singles wards, singles conferences, etc. is that they are just a big ploy to get people together, and get married. Which, you know, I want to get married someday, and I want all of these other people getting married. BUT, there's something about it that drives me crazy! I know what it is, but I can't verbalize it. Anyone in the single scene know what I'm talking about?
It's a funny world, I'll tell you that.
Good fun in California. Ah well, if all else fails, we can go to Disneyland.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks, Mom.

So, this weekend I got the flu again (after having it two months ago). It was a very busy weekend, full of b-day's galore, and there I was nauseated and sick. As everyone headed off to the big birthday party, I went home. Here's where Mom comes in. Colleen, as you know her, called and said "Honey, why don't you come to our house and just rest on the recliner until we get home. I'll make you some non-fat popcorn that might feel good on your stomach". Of course adding all of the 'oh, I'm so sorry', and 'you poor girl' sentiments. It's all beyond sincere, of course (because that's just how she is).

You know, I just never get the chance to tell her often enough how much I appreciate the way she takes care of me; the way she has always taken care of me. I often try to be the single, independent daughter that is able to take care of my needs just fine, without anyone else's help. I think I pull it off pretty well, even. However, there are those days when being alone isn't always desired. And in those times when I'm sick and just need someone , my mom is always there - no matter what. She and my Dad are incredible, and I couldn't ask for better parents. I'm amazed at how they managed to bring 8 children into this world. They have endured so much as parents, and I must say that I am grateful for their endurance; for never giving up. I know that every single one of my siblings would praise them over and over for the patience and love they've shown to each one of us. They've given so selflessly. I am amazed and have never known bigger heroes in my life. Thank you.

Love you both~

Sharon... another birthday!

It is my dear sister-in-law's birthday today! What an incredible mother, woman, friend, and yes, sister. I'm so grateful that she decided to marry into our crazy family all those years ago. I mean, how many sister-in-law's can you travel to Hawaii with for a whole week and never get bugged, annoyed, etc.?! She's the best, and though it's by marriage, she is and always will be my sister.

I love you!

P.S. Don't you love her new "do"?!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Shane!

Happy birthday to my big bro! You've come a long way Shaney-o (from the tooth-less wonders we were), and you've done an amazing job getting here. Love you mucho!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The littlest nephew is TWO today!

Aidan Douglas Curran is two today! I love this sweet little boy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Law & Order: SVU

I'm a fan! These days there is hardly a show that I watch as often as this one. They've got re-runs on every night at 9, and guess who is watching? Mwah!