Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks, Mom.

So, this weekend I got the flu again (after having it two months ago). It was a very busy weekend, full of b-day's galore, and there I was nauseated and sick. As everyone headed off to the big birthday party, I went home. Here's where Mom comes in. Colleen, as you know her, called and said "Honey, why don't you come to our house and just rest on the recliner until we get home. I'll make you some non-fat popcorn that might feel good on your stomach". Of course adding all of the 'oh, I'm so sorry', and 'you poor girl' sentiments. It's all beyond sincere, of course (because that's just how she is).

You know, I just never get the chance to tell her often enough how much I appreciate the way she takes care of me; the way she has always taken care of me. I often try to be the single, independent daughter that is able to take care of my needs just fine, without anyone else's help. I think I pull it off pretty well, even. However, there are those days when being alone isn't always desired. And in those times when I'm sick and just need someone , my mom is always there - no matter what. She and my Dad are incredible, and I couldn't ask for better parents. I'm amazed at how they managed to bring 8 children into this world. They have endured so much as parents, and I must say that I am grateful for their endurance; for never giving up. I know that every single one of my siblings would praise them over and over for the patience and love they've shown to each one of us. They've given so selflessly. I am amazed and have never known bigger heroes in my life. Thank you.

Love you both~


kframpton said...

I am here leaving my mark. Update. I want to know everything!

Hatch said...

So sorry to hear you you're feeling under the weather, but I enjoyed reading about your sweet mom. Your middle name is very appropriate as I read that Colleen means Irish girl. You are oh so Irish and oh so girly.
Just wanted to let you know that someone thinking about you and loves you from far away.

Kalli Ko said...

yes i love you too, and i love moms

Caitilin said...

I think you probably just made Momziwomski's day; you sweet daughter, you. What a character you are - and oh so comical! ;)

The Jensen Family said...

you do have awesome parents and that is so sweet of your mom:) get better soon!

Shannon said...

hey...what about me?? I told you where the bread was so you could have toast, I let you rest in our guest bedroom, and offered to take you home, and not to mention let you use our thermometer so you could put it in your arm pit. I kid, I kid!! Glad you're feeling better, and agree with everything you said about mom and dad, they are very self-less. :)