Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Ohhh Mexico..."

Yep, I'm here in the biggest city in the world. HUGE! It's my second time here and I'm still in awe. Wow! We ate the yummiest tacos al pastor tonight. Really, really tasty. I have been off of meat and caffeine since November, but decided I would have both while on this trip. I'm not sure if either of those things agree with me at this moment. We shall see. Viva Mexico!

Monday, February 18, 2008

There is nothing fun about being sick!

I was one of those un-lucky ones to get the flu yesterday. I woke up with a pain in my stomach (you know what I'm talking about) and nausea to boot. Horrible! I usually have a high pain tolerance, but having flu symptoms automatically puts me in little girl mode and unable to get through the day without whimperimg every other minute. All I want is for my mom to take care of me. Lucky me, my mom lives only about a mile away, so she came over and brought me some diet pepsi (which I have been off of since November), crackers and anti-nausea medicine (hoping it would help stop the throwing up). There is nothing glamorous about being sick. If I could've, I would have showered 10 times yesterday to rid myself from all the icky-ness I feel being sick. After all of the nausea, etc. my day was topped off by a painful migraine headache! I give, I give! Sheesh, what a day! After all of that, I must say I'm sooo incredibly glad it is over. Phew! Health is a darn good thing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Birthday girl

I love birthday's, and I love that it's time to look forward to another even better year. My dear friend Melanee and I were talking about photo shoots the other day and decided to have one for my big day. So, we took 5 minutes out of work, went outside with the sweet camera and shot a few. We have a few choice shots I thought I'd share with the blog world. And here they are...

My co-worker and cube buddy Stephanie and I not freezing outside.