Sunday, July 6, 2008

The week in pictures

* My friend Heather has been in town from NYC, and I had the chance to finally meet her 3rd child, Stella. What a beaut! Also, little Cole (almost 3) and I have become buddies. He is hilarious!
Margaret (not pictured) is a doll. Some of her mannerisms remind me so much of Heather. Love them all! Too bad Matt can't be here with them for the whole trip. Ah, the joys of work!

* XanGo employee night at the Real Salt Lake game. My brothers Conn, Sean and I had a great time, along with my friend from the mission Aaron Metcalf and Sean's friend Victoria. I loved spending time with my brothers and friend. Good times.


Caitilin said...

Wow, Cole looks just like Margaret - minus the blue eyes. What a beauty Miss. Stella is - and my favorite name.

Fun XanGo night - cute pics. I can't believe Conn can grow that much hair - on his head and on his face!! Aaron is cute too!

Hatch said...

Erin you are pretty...mmkay, that's all.

Hatch said...

Erin you are pretty...mmkay, that's all.

Shannon said...

Shoots! If I would have known you all were going to the game I would have gone too. grrr!!! Oh well. :)

Stella is so cute!!