Thursday, December 18, 2008

A favorite song at Christmas

One of my favorite albums of all time is the Carpenters Christmas. Don't laugh! It was one of the many albums my parents raised us on. Every time I hear this song I feel sentimental. This morning as I was driving in a blizzard, driving ever so carefully at 15 mph, this song came on and all of those old sentimental holiday feelings came flooding back. Karen Carpenter has such an incredibly rich voice that I've always loved. Ya gotta love 'er. She died way before her time. Darn that anorexia!

Anyway, it's a cheesy little music "video", but I hope you enjoy the song all the same.


Heidi said...

I would never laugh at that! I grew up hearing the Carpenters Christmas, as well as Anne Murray and "Christmas With John Denver and the Muppets".

Two of those are on my Christmas-loaded MP3 player right now! Hooray!

Kalli Ko said...

who wouldn't want a litle jude law on christmas eve??

yes please!

Rob A. said...

Dunna be ashamed of sweet Karen for in her voice is love.

I wasn't introduce to the Carpenter Christmas until later in my adult years but I love it.