Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Viva Mexico!

I recently returned from a 6 day long trip to the sprawling, massive metropolis of Mexico City. This is my 3rd year going for work, and I never cease to be in awe at absolutely everything. For one, the size of which I have spoken, the loco drivers, and the amazing food. Oh, and need I mention Mexican Coke? Ahh, simply heaven.

This trip was basically all work, but we did have some free time for site-seeing and food tasting. The majority of our time was spent at a very large convention center called the Banamex. There we worked for 3 days to set up and run XanGo’s regional event. My job was in the Glimpse area, which is skin care. The distributors had the chance to have a picture taken of their face on a Vizia machine. It showed the amount of wrinkles, A/V damage, bacteria, and much more. I had worried for some time as to how I would do a skin care consultation in Spanish (which isn’t my primary job in the company), but once the appointments starting rolling in, my Spanish started flying! I loved talking to these people, but mostly I loved how grateful they were that I could explain it to them in a language they could understand. After each 3 minute consultation, they would hug and kiss me on the cheek. I reveled in it. I was so tired from talking, but was so happy to be there. After those 7 hours, I felt like a total expert in skin care. Hmm… something to think about. Nah, totally kidding. I suppose it really helps when I use the stuff myself.

My roommate (and Director), Marcole and I stayed an extra day to visit some hotels, and then do a little site seeing. Little did we know, there was a very big fish in the Mexican pond that day that would thwart all of our site-seeing plans. On our way out to see the pyramid ruins of Teotihuacan (an hour or so away), we were aghast to see so many armored military men and policemen in the area. We knew that things had been heating up on the border of Mexico, but at the ruins? Well, come to find out that dear President Sarkozy of France was visiting the ruins that day with the President of Mexico, and no one was allowed in. Not only that, but there was an armored, machine gun carrying military man at every post – approximately every 200 feet encompassing the whole area of ruins (which is at least a few miles around). Plans had to change, obviously. Instead our driver took us to a restaurant called La Gruta, which is a restaurant in a grand cave. It was pretty amazing.

We then tried to see a bull fight. No such luck. It was closed for the dear, sweet French President as well. Then, once again, we tried for something else – a concert to see Luis Miguel (a favorite of mine), but tickets were sold out, and scalpers were asking a pretty penny for what was left.

We did, however, get to walk the busy city a bit more and see the Museum of Anthropology, particularly a museum of Russian Tsar’s. I loved it, because, well, I love Russia.

All in all, a good trip filled with good people, good sites, good food, and a good 3 pounds gained on my part. Not happy.

Viva Mexico!

Just a few of the trucks filled with military men surrounding the ruins.
The cathedral near the Xocolo.
Truck of policemen guarding the perimeter of the ruins.
The pyramids (luckily I visited them 3 years ago)
Marcole at La Gruta (the cave)
Looking into the cave.
Me in the center of town - the Xocolo
Checking out Nate's bling (check out the wrist)
Just taking a moment in between sessions at the XanGo store.


Rob A. said...

Wow that sounds fun. What a cool trip.

Caiti said...

Sis, did you notice that the Mexican Police Officers are whistling at you?!?!? Seriously...look close! :)

Malea said...

Yeh they are whistling! How funny. Sounds like a great 'ol trip. Did you teach in Russia as well. I didn't know that if you did. Where did you go?

Erin said...

I sure did. I went to Moscow the semester after China. Then after that, the mish. Crazy, eh? I loved Russia, a lot.

Kalli Ko said...

in all reality, the federales just didn't know queen erin was arriving that day as well.

don't take it personally or anything, it's just misinformation.

i miss your beautiful face.

Team O'Connor said...

I can't believe all the stuff going on in Mexico. I'm glad you were safe. And glad you already saw the pyramids. I'm glad I went to Cancun before everything got loco there. I hope you're doing great!

Stef said...

Sounds like a fun time! Nate DOES look good in rhinestones!

Nate said...

Those two pictures make it look like I am always drinking Red Bull...