Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, today was good. It was a busy day at IMEX, but I got a lot of appointments in and made lots of good contacts for work. You know, I’m different. I know you were going to say, ‘no, Erin, you are completely normal’. However, friends, I am not. I especially am not in Europe. Ok, this is how it goes:
Everyone: drinkers
Me: non-drinker (never had a drop in my life)
Everyone: f-bomb droppers (ok, not everyone, but lots)
Me: nope
Everyone: Smokers (ok, again, not everyone, but lots)
Me: nein
Everyone: Coffee drinkers
Me: nein otra vez (you like how I mixed the two languages, eh? That’s how they do it in ol’ Europe)

These differences could possibly make me feel really awkward and very out of place – especially when they ask why. However, no one has asked me. I’ve been able to simply say, no thanks, I’ll have a coke. No questions asked. Isn’t that nice?! So, being different is not so bad. I’m rather happy with the decisions I’ve made to not drink, smoke, etc – especially after I returned from a Visit London party tonight. Mucho alcohol, and mucho smoking. The smoking really got to me after a while. On my way home in the taxi, I seriously felt as if I would throw up. Not pleasant, folks. However, I had a great time with the people I was able to meet. Also, I won an Ipod Nano. Woohoo! This was the second time winning a Nano. Funny, eh? Remember my passed post… here.
Like I said, I met many a funny/nice person at this party. The Barcelona/Manchester game was going on in the background which made things particularly lively. I love fun people. Here are pics of some of my new, fun friends. One is Kiwi (NZ), and the other (tally) is German. One thing I do love about Germany… many tall men! Amazing!


karen louise said...

I think you are amazingly different and I think being different is awe-sium!!! You look so beautiful in those pictures...I love your smile and I love that you just radiate goodness!!

Rob A. said...

Hold to that rod, kick back, that Iron Rod tis strong and bright and true.

How many Ipods does that make for you? My word.

GrammaColleen said...

Wow! I so remember smoke-filled lounges and singing through it all. Dad and I would go home, hang up our clothes and our room would smell of smoke the next morning. Do you notice how it sticks to your hair until you shampoo it out? Good you take the taxi; don't let one of those drinkers drive you. I am so happy you are having fun. You are an amazing person and I am sure a change of pace for most when they meet you. You are such an influence on many. Miss you and love you. Keep having fun.
Mommy Nosey, nosey...kiss!

Team O'Connor said...

That sounds so cool Erin! I think I was there when you won that other IPod Nano...I can't remember. I'm glad work is keeping you busy and travelling :) Take care lady!

Karen said...

Sooooo fun! Different is wunderbar (ok, maybe it's wundervoll according to google translate.) And just think, if you'd had booze and ciggies, you'd be puking all over the back of that taxi. So I bet that driver was so grateful for your abstinence! And I am just amazed at your win streak. You go girl!