Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I got to watch the Michael Jackson memorial from home today, and I have to say, I was weepy. I felt it a very genuine memorial, one that honored a phenomenal entertainer and humanitarian. Since finding out about his death, I have every now and then gone to youtube to remember him in his amazing videos, and then to remember him as a young boy singing on the Ed Sullivan Show. I am amazed. What a talent! It's unfortunate that as such a handsome young man he wasn't comfortable enough in his own skin, and had to change his looks so drastically. It is sad.
I've always been a fan - ever since I was young. I remember in Hawaii when my brother Quinn got the Off The Wall album, and it was listened to daily. I also remember when Thriller was a scary video. He was a big deal on the islands, and the Curran family was definitely affected.
Good times, Michael. Thank you.

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karen louise said...

I watched it too...it was soo good, I was weepy too. Especially when his daughter spoke!!

I've always been a huge huge fan as well.