Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A truly despicable crime.

I can't even begin to imagine what this poor little boy went through. It hurts my heart to think of it. Read about it here. Horrible, horrible. How can people like these be allowed to raise children?!


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, it makes me so sick! I get so mad hearing things like this happening. I mean c'mon, if you don't want your child give them to someone like me who would want them!!

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

I took the warning and didn't read the police report... I don't handle that stuff well. Breaks my heart.

Heidi said...

These things always break my heart because there are so many people I know (including myself) who can't have children for whatever reason, and there are so many people like this who would throw a precious life away.

Give me the children. Give my friends the children. Don't hurt them anymore.