Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mi papa

Dear Daddy-o,

A daughter couldn't ask for a more kind, loving, and sensitive Father. Thank you for passing down to me the love of music and amazing harmonies, literature, scripture, languages, culture, snowy/rainy weather, and the appreciation of delicious food! Thank you also for your example of unconditional love to your family. I have never questioned your love for me.
Sometimes I laugh at and question why you send so many email forwards to me and my siblings, but I realize that I would miss them terribly if one day I didn't get them anymore. I love knowing that you are around for me.

I love you dearly, Dad.


Shannon said...


Doug Curran said...

Gee Erin, didn't know I had any impact on your life or anyone else's for that matter. I'm such a boy! But it's nice to know someone is reading my silly emails and forwards and isn't dumping them...you're not, are you?
You are saving them for posterity, right? For your kids and grandkids? You are going to have kids, right? Just tell your new employers you want to have kids. Sorry I didn't discover your golfing talent. I always thought you'd be an All-American volleyball player in between singing in broadway shows and taking safaris to Africa. Oh well, no left turns! Dad