Monday, April 30, 2012

The joys of pregnancy?

Before getting pregnant, I knew that there would be some un-fun things about it.  At least this is what I gathered over the years from friends and family, but I always thought I'd be able to handle things splendidly.  Let me just say that I was humbled.  From about week 6 I began the 'morning sickness'.  Of all pregnancy symptoms, this has been my very least favorite.  And by the way, it never happened in the morning.  I've never done well with nausea.  I knew this would be a difficult part, but I didn't know how difficult.  Feeling nauseated all day every day is not fun.  I really dislike it.  Even taking anti-nausea medication didn't totally take away the uneasy feeling of being sick - all of the time! Then of course the back-lash of taking the medication to make me feel better made me totally and completely constipated! I would try eating things that would agree with my stomach, but those things were definitely not fiber-rich foods.  I ate whatever I could keep down, and as you pregnant ladies know, if you don't eat, you are absolutely and totally ravenous! I've never known hunger like I have in pregnancy - and much more often too.  If you don't eat, you feel sick.  As a result, I have gained about 12 pounds thus far. 
AND, if you eat the wrong foods, you may end up with heartburn, which is miserable too. 

All of these things and more I have experienced in these mere 15 weeks.  I hope I don't sound like a complainer (sometimes I feel like one), but I really am so thankful to have this experience.  I just don't think I ever had as great an appreciation for women that have been doing this forever as I do now.  I could never know except by experiencing it for myself.  I will say that my prayers have become more frequent and more fervent, and my love for dear Dave has grown by leaps and bounds.  He has been an incredible support to me through these times.  Sometimes I just break down and cry because I'm so exhausted, or just exhausted of being nauseated.  He has been so patient with my lack of contributing to doing anything in the house, because once I come home from work all I can do is rest until it's time for sleep.  I love that husband of mine! He loves me mucho even though I'm turning into a hippo.  He's a wonder that Dave Dean. 

All in all, I am a happy girl, and just can't wait to actually feel this baby kicking inside of me (it has been kicking for weeks now, but I just can't feel it).  I can't wait to be a mommy, and to experience a whole different type of joy in the journey of life.  Yay!


Team O'Connor said...

Ah dang girl. That sounds horrible. I don't know how anyone works during the nausea phase. I couldn't do it! You're so tough! I hope this phase is over soon and you get to feeling that pregnant glow :)

Melanie said...

I have said it before and I'll say it again, pregnancy sucks. Seriously sucks. And I'm convinced that those of us that do it later in life are even more tired because we don't have that youthful energy to help us through. :)

Congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you. And the one thing you can count on is that it won't last forever. Eventually that child has got to make his/her way out, so there is an end in sight, even if it's months away.

Also, I have LOTS of ideas on helping nausea if you need any. Just shoot me an email.

Erin said...

Thanks Carrie! And Melanie, yes, you are right on. I wish I could love it more, but some parts of it are just harder to deal with than the others. And YES, I'd love some ideas on helping the nausea!! I'll email you.
Good times!

syeds said...

I remember my first pregnancy, when i went out with my hubby and spend few hours in a greenery garden near my home., we told each other how we met and fell in love and ., and those romantic talk, ..can't express in words., my hubby is everything for me and he is one of the Best and cutest guy i have ever seen.

Sheila Burnett

Eh said...

Erin Colleen, ugh. I am so so happy you are having a wee babe. And I am so sorry you feel miserable. October baby!!!! I love it that you are having your baby in fall. And Dave is a champ-a wonderful, perfect-for-you, CHAMP! Hugs from far away!
_jenny B