Wednesday, October 10, 2007

El Templo

(written last week)

So, I'm here in LA for probably the 7th time since June. I generally stay in the same area within easy distance to my work place. When I first started coming here I was out all the time exploring - dinner in Malibu, leisurely drives down the pacific coast highway, shopping, etc.
However, since the last 3 or 4 times I've been here, I've become stagnant. I'll order dinner in the hotel, go for take-out, or I might even see a movie by myself (which i really enjoy, btw). However, last night I opted for a change. I was to have met a friend of mine at Jamba Juice down on Santa Monica Blvd., but at the last minute his car wouldn't start - and of course we were at totally opposite ends of L.A., so I wouldn't be able to venture to his place (traffic would have been horrific). However, I decided to drive to our meeting place and just check out the area. So as I'm looking for my destination, I look up and see something very familiar - but my mind doesn't register what I am actually looking at. It's Moroni! The angel Moroni - standing so proud and strong in the middle of Los Angeles. Of course I completely forget my original destination and head to this all too familiar haven. There is traffic and madness all around me, but the moment I pull into the temple parking lot there is peace. I found a parking place, stepped out of my rental car and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around that majestic edifice. I was in awe. "I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday..."
I love the tranquility I find when I'm within its walls, but was grateful for the unexpected peace I found that evening on its grounds. The spirit resides there, and it is very evident. I'm grateful to have "stumbled" upon it that day. It brought new resolve to visit that place often while on my work trips. Next time I will be inside.


Kalli Ko said...

I heart you erin

Heather Anna said...

So Erincita, joined the blog world. We updated ours the other day. Thanks again for coming. Can't wait to see you again soon.