Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad,

I love you...

* because of your enthusiasm for literature and all things romantic.
* because you love Mom.
* because you love God and have taught us to do the same by example.
* because of your passion and zeal for music and for teaching every single one of your children to have the same appreciation and love for it.
* because you have the most beautiful voice.
* because you let me call you 'Doug' as a little girl.
* because you were once a superstar and I can brag about it.
* because you are tender and kind.
* because you speak so many languages and speak them so beautifully.
* because you love me.

Love you so much, daddy-o.


Anonymous said...

Yuk, that foto could use some slimmining - but the thoughts are sentimentable and cryable and just so garsh dang niceable. You are truly Erincita Encantada - e uma filha que me da tanta alegria!
Seu Pai Terrestrial (quem e' Telestial demais).

Karen said...

I love Doug! He is such a cute dad! ok who left that last comment? Not ya Erin come visit soon!

Anonymous said...

ERIN!!! Your dad sent us your music via Sharon's blog...all I can say is unbelieveable!!! I loved, loved, LOVED "Quando" with Conn! You both are SO talented! Just remember your dear cousin Peter and your favorite cousin-in-law Lisa in KY when you are rich and famous! Love You!!! :)

Erincita said...

Karen, that was Doug himself speaking. Silly man!