Saturday, October 11, 2008

Carolina of the North

Hangin' in Huntersville (just outside of Charlotte) with my homey nephews Gavin and Ryan. Caiti and Kurt decided to take a long needed vay-cay to Sweden, so Shannon and I are holding down the fort in the yellow house. I'm only here until Monday, then Shannon is taking the reins all by her lonesome until next Friday (eeks, I fear for her). Nah, she'll do great. I'm sure she'd rather have her husband here, or any kind of adult, however. She tends to be... afraid.
Tomorrow we're taking a short, but long-awaited day trip to Asheville to see the luscious Fall leaves. They are not at their peak here in Charlotte, but I've been told it looks pretty darn amazing near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves pull me; they beckon me to come. I must answer the call.

Pictures to come!


Melissa said...

I drove through Ashville and it was amazing. Enjoy the views!

Caroline said...

Iran, every time I read your posts I think "I want to do that". So we may make a trip mountains tomorrow.

Shannon said...

Afraid? Me!? never!!