Sunday, February 8, 2009

A big fat welcome!

Dear 33,

I love you already! What a great b-day weekend I had. Below are some of the highlights. It began Friday night with a party involving the Curran's and Macdonald's. Vicki Mac and I are a day apart and have been celebrating our special days together since we were young, so her dear sister Caroline decided to put together a little family party. What a great time we had! It involved Hawaiian dress, Hawaiian haystacks, and Hawaiian-style 'how to host a murder' festivities. Truly, a good time was had by all. Thank you Caroline for making our days wonderful.

Caroline and I striking a Mary Kate and Ashley pose. She's much better at it than I am.

Me, Mama, Megan and Shannon (thanks a lot mom for thinking it would be funny to lick my face for the picture! Eww!)
My brothers Sean & Conn with the b-day girls.
The b-day girls shakin' their hula thang.
Hula with li'l bro, Conn.

Vicki holding hands with the cut-out Hawaiian man. I was so not jealous!

My dear sister Shannon treated Vicki and I to 'photo shoots' for our new year. A big thanks to her for taking over 300 pictures! More pics to come.

Saturday evening I had my favorite food from the Bombay House in Provo, and shared it with some of my favorite people: Vicki, Karen, Betsy, and Rob. It has been a tradition for Vicki, Karen and I to eat there for our b-day's. After Bombay, we attended a program of really amazing music, acting, and dancing. It was a benefit concert for a scholarship that would be given to a student of the arts at OHS, and was dedicated to our old drama teacher in high school (Syd Riggs) that passed away a few years ago. I was reminded what an amazing person she was last night, and how many lives she touched throughout the years.

To end the night, Melanee made some yummy cookies that Marcole, Rob and I gobbled up.
All in all, it was a really wonderful birthday. Thanks to all of you for making it really spectacular!
Hooray for 33!!


karen louise said...

You DID have one heck of a bday!! Yea for 33!! And man, that picture of you is awesome!! :) You are so beautiful...I love you mucho Erin Colleen!

Rob A. said...

Seriously such a fun night. Thank you for letting have some small part in it all.

My your 33rd be your best year yet.

Kalli Ko said...

Yes Yes YEs for 33!!!

Caroline said...

It was pleasure to luau with you! You guys made the night so fun!

Caroline said...

It was pleasure to luau with you! You guys made the night so fun!

The blogging Bakers said...

Wow sounds like such fun festivities. I can't believe we are 33 well I will be soon. Amazing how fast time goes. I am glad you had such a fun weekend. That picture that Shannon took is a great picture. Next time we are in Utah I may just have to call Shannon to take our pics.

Caiti said...

Yo 33, I'd love to meet you! Come on over for a visit!'re hot, 33!