Monday, February 23, 2009

cool under fire

I just watched my roomie Melanee put out a rather small, but potentially large fire. I gazed from the couch as she (in complete control) put out this fire that would have caused me much distress had I been in her position. Not Melanee. She is the gal you want to have in an emergency. Cool, calm, and collected. Bless her for saving my wee life!


Rob A. said...

Please explain more about this fire. What was the cause?
I keep telling you guys stop practicing your flaming baton routine inside. If you must do it have someone standing by with a hose.

Malea said...

No More Fire Dancing acts! Wow, hope everything stayed safe. I had a fire scare 6 weeks after I had my first kid. I turned on the wrong burner and sent the cake that was on top of it into 6 ft. of flames. I was told that I was no longer allowed in the kitchen without sleep.