Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday thoughts

Two songs coming tomorrow...

Friends, I'm feeling a little emotional today. Good emotional. Thankful emotional. Christmas emotional.
This week I was able to be a part of a Sub 4 Santa, and it was a great experience. It caused me to reflect on Christmas as a little girl, and receiving from good people that wanted to help our financially needy family. I was asked to write up a little something to tell about the family, etc. Here is what I came up with:

The Guzman Family:
On Monday morning, a co-worker and I piled many boxes of gifts into my car and headed for the Guzman home in Orem to spread a little Christmas cheer. From what we knew, this family had come upon hard times not long ago when Sandra and Alexis’ Guzman’s mother died. They have since been living with their grandmother, Alba, who was disabled. Upon arrival at the humble home, Alba met us and welcomed us inside. She handed me a card, then began telling the story of their hardships. Her daughter, the mother of Sandra and Alexis, had been killed while visiting her home of El Salvador. As her mother put it, she was killed for $125. Alba began to cry and told us it had been very hard for her and for the children since her daughter’s death. She told us of her gratitude for the gifts we were providing and hugged us both.
Before we left, I looked around and noticed that there was no tree in sight, then asked if they had one. The reply was no. The wheels started rolling in my head, and I recalled a x-mas tree I bought at an after holiday sale last year for $5 and was currently sitting in storage. I assured her she’d have one. A tree, along with lights and ornaments were provided that very evening.
What a wonderful experience for us to be a part of! I was grateful to have brought a little hope and cheer to a family who had obviously been struggling financially and emotionally.
As a young girl, my family had many years of financial hardship. I recall the same kind of help each year at Christmas time from various donors. I am just grateful that I could give back in a small way for all of the years that I received.


Shannon said...

Right on! Erin, I'm glad to have you as a sister. You're someone who has always been so generous and kind to everyone, which is something that I lack. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for being an amazing person, friend and sister. Love ya!

Heidi said...

Oh, Erin. I know how you feel. I try to do something for someone in need every may never be enough to pay back all the generosity shown to our family when I was younger, but I feel it must help somehow. Here's to many more years of spreading the message of Christ!

karen louise said...

Wow Erin Colleen. I bet that was an amazing experience to be a part of!! You are so awesome...I'm so glad you are my friend...forever.

Hatch said...

oh goodness, I am a teary mess. I love it that it felt small to you, like it wasn't a big deal, but I bet to two little girls it was pretty big. I love how generous you are, and that you gave them your personal tree.