Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving in Charlotte

My ideal vacation... to simply do nothing, and to be with people I love. Yep, that was my recent trip to Charlotte, NC. Time spent at my baby sister's home is simply that - a true vacation. We don't have to go sight-seeing, and we don't have an agenda of any kind. My time is simply spent in her beautiful yellow house playing, or just sitting with my nephews Gavin and Ryan, my brother-in-law Kurt, and my little sister Caiti. Sometimes it is a surreal experience realizing once again (after ten years) that my sister (4 years younger) has a family. Folks, lemme just say that my little sister is great at her current occupation of mother and wife. She's so smart and could do big things with her life, but her greatest joy is being a mom to G & R. She puts her family before anything else. What I love about Caiti is she has such a calmness about her. Even growing up, it seems like she was always the calm one. I hardly remember her raising her voice. I love that about her parenting style, too. She gets on her sons' level amid chaos and encourages peace. There are some people that were simply meant to be mothers, and she is definitely one of them. Also, she's gorgeous. Seriously. Kurt is a lucky husband! Needless to say, I love 'er.

I wasn't the only visitor over the course of the week of Thanksgiving. My brother Shane and awesome sis-in-law Sharon and their boys came to visit as well. That makes THREE Curran siblings. But hold on, big brother Quinn also made it in town with g-friend Darlene. It was a Curran party with half of us siblings at Caiti's house. Fun times were had by all. Good times in Charlotte! Thanks for everything, Caiti. Love you!

Beauty of a little sis 'n me.

Awes sis-in-law Sharon and her silly Aidan.

Sharon and Shane's cute Owen 'n me.

Crazy faces of Ryan, Gavin and Auntie.

Ryan and I enjoying our delicious t-give dinner. Seriously, seriously yummy!

Auntie & Gavin.

The Summerhays family.

Sisters and sis-in-law (pretty much my sister) on a little outing together. Fun, fun.

Curran siblings representing in Charlotte.

Displaying the sibling line-up: Quinn - 1, Caiti - 6, Me - 4, Shane - 3.


Shannon said...

Love it! Such a sweet, mushy (but in a good way) post about Caiti and the fam. :)

The blogging Bakers said...

It looks like you had so much fun!!!I love it when all the siblings get together. Your siblings all look just like I remember them:)

Erka said...

Erin, I just found your blog through my friend Boyce's blog!
This is Gremi from the mission. I am so glad to hear you are in a band now! You have such an amazing voice! Some of my strongest memories of you are singing "Dance like an Egyptian" in our crazy Dyker Heights pad! Way to go with the P90X work out! I thought about doing it myself, but chickened out right away.

karen louise said...

So dang cute you are, my friend. You are gorgeous. And so is your calm sister Caiti! You are soo right...she has always been so calm!!

Caiti said...

Holy niceness. That's all I can say through these wet eyes. I love you, sis.

Malea said...

let me just tell you that the sister's curran are all beautiful. 'tho i've only met two, all of your photo's show such a similar striking beauty about each of you.

Hatch said...

I love how you said Caiti gets on her boys level amid the chaos and "encourages peace." I LOVE that. I guess she is pretty on the inside as well as the outside, like her sister Erin.