Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughts and value.

Funny, you'd think that being semi-employed right now I wouldn't be so busy, right? Wrong-o. Life has kept me busy as of late, and I'm thankful. I definitely enjoyed my first month of unemployment doing whatever I wanted anytime I wanted, but sometime after I lost a sense of value. Work gave me a sense of value of sorts - at least when I was busy in my job. I realize that I'm a person that enjoys some down time, but I also want to be of use. I want to matter, and I also want to progress. You know what I mean?

About a month ago, my old friend from H.S. and Chick-fil-A days called and said her husband was running for the 2nd district congressional seat. They were looking for someone to coordinate their meetings, etc. and asked if I'd be interested in the job. As one who had a few interviews with no results, and was online looking for jobs hours on end, my interest was peaked. I was immediately put to work and became busy doing work I had done the last few years at my previous job. It was familiar and comfortable, with some differences. For one thing, I had never been involved in anything political, but was intrigued and excited to learn more. In the past month I have met many new and interesting people - even the governor and a well known senator (one not so popular at the moment). It's funny how we get thrown into things sometimes, never realizing how much we'll actually enjoy it. I feel I am progressing, and I feel that my work has value.
Oh, and if you live in the 2nd congressional district, please consider Neil Walter. Check him out at

When I'm not working on the campaign, I try to do other things that matter. Kids matter to me, and I've had some good times hanging out with my nephews that I love dearly. Also, my friend Karen has four adorable girls that I've had the chance to babysit from time to time. Karen was my neighbor for years growing up, and we've always been great friends. Her girls have become like nieces to me and have helped me feel value in my life as well. Having the trust of a child is a precious thing, and I'm grateful when I've been lucky enough to earn it.

7 month old Taya. She's a doll with beautiful blue eyes and olive skin.

Three year old Ember is hilarious. She's very independent and wants to do everything herself, but she's quick to give love, and she frequently tells me that she (without being able to say her r's) really, really, really loves me. Ah, melts my heart.

Triathlon training is here again. It's only three weeks away, and I feel ill-prepared. I've been concentrating more on running than anything else, and I'm nervous. Ahhhh. Oh well, I'll keep going!

Lastly, many already know of my struggles to finish my bachelor's degree. It's true, I'm 34 and still haven't finished. I have been one class away for many years, and the details of this trial in my life has been harder than many of you know. Well folks, I may actually have my degree by the end of Summer. The reality of it is still sinking in for me, but I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am. All of the feelings of inadequacy, failure, and frustration are coming to an end. I have no idea what I'll do with the degree, but finishing is the key here!

Overall, life is good. I have a lot to be thankful for, and especially thankful that in this time of unemployment I can still be of value in the small details.

The end.


Shine said...

You girls love you and I am so thankful when you show up at my door ! It's like a breath a fresh adult to talk to ! Someone who understands my chocolate addiction ! AHHH ! I could go on and on! I love when my girls ask me when you are coming over next....thanks again you rock ! Let's do the yogurt thing again soon :)

Shannon said...

So AWESOME that you could be getting your Bachelors by Summertime. You have deserved it!

Aimee said...

Erin you rock! And I love that I am not the only one who is in her 34th year and still without a Bachelors degree. ;) It comes when it comes, no? Congrats on finishing!

Three and Counting said...

Erin- I didn't finish until about 3 years ago. It was the worst. I would think about it all the time. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat thinking I still haven't graduated! Yup it only took me 13 years so you go girl. It does feel so good when they send you that diploma. My mom was begging me to walk..please mom let's not push it.