Thursday, April 29, 2010

The week

I’ve been in Charlotte this past week helping my leetle seester Caiti. The poor girl is terribly sick with her third pregnancy. Seriously, the girl is miserable. She’s got a condition that maybe 5-10% of all pregnant women get called Hyperemesis. Check it out here.

I’ve had a good time hanging out with my nephews. The first day I was here we went to see “Oceans” at the movie theater. Man, was it amazing! It was especially funny to hear Ryan saying “Awesome!” and Gavin make a comment or ask a question about possibly everything. I simply answered, “I don’t know”. For the most part, I haven’t been a visitor, but a normal part of every day life, which is what I like. My day consists of getting the boys up for school, dressing them, feeding them, and taking them to school. Bad news – they get up at 6 am!! It’s true. School starts at 7:30! Can you even believe it?! It works well for Gavin, since he is a morning person. However, Ryan isn’t such a fan. He’s moo-dy in the morning. However, once that subsides, he’s quite a pleasant little 6 year old.

They are funny boys, for the most part. Gavin is a wiz at everything and comes up with some really surprising facts and big words. My favorite phrase of the day was this – “Auntie, there is a multitude of children on the bus. It’s a fiasco debaucle!”. Turns out these were his words of the week in his FIRST grade class! Ryan has been picking up on some of these words from Gavin and particulary likes to use the word loathe and incessantly. I am amazed at how totally different these boys are from one another. Gavin’s favorite subjects are Math & Science, while Ryan loves Reading and is quite an actor.

I love these boys. I can’t believe they’ve grown up so fast! Soon they’ll be in San Antonio, and in a few months they’ll have a brother or sister to take care of and watch grow. I can hardly wait to see their excitement at welcoming a new member of their family!

North Carolina is, in my opinion, the Garden of Eden. I’d love to come back and live here at some point. Everything is so lush and green. Ahhh, I must come back soon.

Well, I'll be home soon, so I must get out and enjoy this amazing 75 degree weather. Ciao!


Shannon said...

Give big hugs and kisses to the boys from me. I miss those cuties! Big hugs for Caiti as well.

Miss Kendra said...

That is what I had with 2 of my kids! I understand exactly what she is feeling. My first time went undiagnosed for about 4 months. It was the most horrible thing ever! I thought I was dying!

Jenny Hatch said...

What a vocabulary! I am glad you are there, that you are happy, and that your nephews call you "auntie!" How cute is that!
PS You are looking smashin. I loved the cruise pics. Glad you are soaking up the good things life has to offer. ((hugs))