Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Rain,

How happy I am that you stopped by today. I loved seeing you heading anxiously for the golf course that I was on today, and I loved you even more when you began to fall upon me. Sometimes you are quite cold and chill me to the bone, but I can't help just drink it in. I came home today and watched as you pounded my window and everything outside whilst I drank my cup of hot chocolate. Please come back again soon. I've missed you.

The end.


Miss Kendra said...

I love the rain too... just not when my kids are trying to Trick-or-Treat!!

Malea said...

We don't get the rain as much, so it's always a treat. I wouldn't have minded if it came down on our night of trick or treat. We need that stuff badly here in the desert.

Brianna Wyckoff said...

Oh it was beautiful that day!! I love the rain too. I hope it rains some more before it snows... blaah