Monday, October 11, 2010

She got married

My dear friend Victoria Jane married Matthew Jared on Saturday. It was a spectacular day! I was able to attend the wedding at the Manti, Utah Temple and was in tears for most of the ceremony. My dear friend, the friend I've known longest (since birth) was experiencing the happiest moments of her life that day. I couldn't have felt more happy if it was my own special day. She was radiant!
I am so thankful that she found a man worthy of her. Not only that, but she inherited three awesome kids! Life will be busy in her new role as mom, but I have no doubt that she will do it beautifully.

For years Vicki has been a part of a group of friends that has celebrated successes, traveled the world together, commisserated over failed relationships and the frustrations of dating, and shared the silliest of moments together. These are some of my truest friends. I love them all dearly. Having a friend 'leave' and move on to another mission in life is a hard thing to process. However, all of us are spectacularly happy for the beautiful event that was Vicki's wedding this weekend. We are excited for what the future holds for not only her, but for all of us. There is a plan of happiness on this earth, and each one of us are part of that. How thankful I am to know it!

Love you Vicki!


ktb said...

Married? Yes, married. Sheesh! (please use Long Duck Dong's accent)

karen louise said...

Oh Erin Colleen...

I'm so glad to have experienced in Vicki's wedding as well with you. I too was in tears almost the whole time. She was bursting with JOY!!!

I'm so glad to be a part of a group of friendships that literally will last throughout eternity.

And even though losing her is hard to process...I still, like you, and so entirely happy for her and her new life!!


karen louise said...

Um I stole your idea and posted about her wedding on my blog as well...and stole shan's pics too... :)

Eh said...

Oh, oh, oh. I just love you, just love you to pieces. I love it that you and Victoria Jane have been friends for forever. And I find myself remembering being part of that special group. And I am remembering Ireland, and Price is Right, and nightly chat. AND I MISS IT TERRIBLY, AND I MISS YOU TERRIBLY, AND I MISS THE VINE HOUSE TERRIBLY, AND LAUGHING UNTIL THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING. Um...when can I pick you up at the airport?
~Jenny B

Caiti said...

Ahhh, cute pic (and I recognize that skirt! ;))! I love that Vicki-Tori-Jane and am so happy for her!

Victoria Jane said...

What to say... I don't know how many times in the last several weeks I've been overwhelmed with the realization of what dear and wonderful friends I have. Don't you go thinkin' that "out" of the group!! I really do love love love you guys!