Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Band

Here is the link to the cover band I sing for. We recently took some new pics - hooray! I got tired of looking like I played the guitar in the original. So, check it out. Oh, and I've added some of our pics that didn't make the cover shot.
Oh, and my sister Shannon took the pics. She's great. Check out her photography link here.

Go here for the band.


Kalli Ko said...

Erinnnn is smoking hottttt and skinnyyyyy!!!!

Melanee Raynes said...

I dig. Hot lead singer...check! Album cover...check!

Rob A. said...

That is so hot. Work it, and own it, and make it yours.

Malea said...

I listened to the samples on the site. So awesome. Remind me why you are not on Broadway....or something? Cause seriously. Your voice can make a grown man cry. I had my husband listen to your version of don't know why, as he is a big Norah Jones fan. He thought your version was just a great.

Hatch said...

Ditto to what Kalli Ko said earlier-you do look smokin' hot and skinny.
PS you don't own a dresser do you? You just own luggage. I think you are gone mare than you are home. I love your life sweet Erincita.