Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Purpose #2

Walking, running, dancing, kissing, and singing in the rain.

Today the rain is falling. I adore it.

I hear leaves drinking rain;
I hear rich leaves on top
Giving the poor beneath
Drop after drop;
'Tis a sweet noise to hear
These green leaves drinking near.

And when the Sun comes out,
After this Rain shall stop,
A wondrous Light will fill
Each dark, round drop;
I hope the Sun shines bright;
'Twill be a lovely sight.

- William Henry Davies


Shannon said...

Ah! Bless the rain; the cozy feeling it brings. I love it! We need to watch a Christmas movie!!!

Malea said...

Just let us know who you will be kissing in the rain:)!

Erin said...

Indeed I will, Malea. Indeed I will.