Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oh District of Columbia, I like thee - a lot. I was born just outside of DC, and my dear dad grew up just beyond its borders. There's a lot of history in our family back east, and need I say of our country? Such a great place. I traveled there for work yet again. This work trip was relatively short, but I of course managed to extend the trip to include NYC - since it was Labor Day weekend and all.
We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, where the XanGo event was being held. My job during this event included singing the national anthem, which I'm no stranger to at XanGo. I think I'm the official back-up. This was my 3rd time singing it for a major company event.
When we weren't at the hotel enjoying our Bulgari lotions and soaps, or cookies in the lobby, or working, we were out showing our love for the city. One of my favorites was eating at a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh. Oh friends... seven courses of delectable food eaten with our hands. It was a culinary delight! Lamb, pastry dishes with chicken, egg, and powdered sugar. So tasty!
Sunday I took a bus (a very nice bus, btw) and headed to my old haunt of NYC. I served my mission there (Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island) and always enjoy going back. These days I know a lot of people that have made NYC their home. Some of my closest friends are Heather & Matt Herrick. I've known them what seems like forever - at 12 or 13 years old. We were all friends in high school, then they got married years after they both served missions. Who knew?! They now have three beautiful children and live in the big city. In the 4 + years they've lived there, I have only visited one other time, which was for 24 hours. So pathetic. It was so nice to spend some quality time with all of them over labor day. We visited a new park made from a portion of an old elevated train track, which was very cool. We sampled the sweet delights of NYC: black and white cookies, brownies from Fat Witch, drinkable yogurt, cream puffs, and vegan chocolate chip cookies. All very delicious. We also took a jaunt into China town to try out the Herrick's favorite noodle shop. The pan fried noodles were so yummy! All in all, a very nice trip around the city. I was amazed that their children were still happy walking after so many hours. I loved that Margaret held my hand and told me about anything that was on her mind as we walked. Oh the 6 year old! So cute.
I love New York City, and I think I always thought I'd go back to the city to live. However, every time I go back, I'm reminded that I wouldn't have a car (my freedom), I'm reminded of icky humidity, and of the general inconvenience of getting place to place. I love it, but I think I like my car for a while.


Marilyn Abney said...

Erin, I was in NYC over Labor Day until Thursday. I was on the railroad boardwalk as well on Labor Day. Wish we could have run into each other. I had quite a time in NYC. My sister and her husband live there. It was marvelous!

The blogging Bakers said...

I love NYC too. Although I am sure staying in the Ritz Carlton makes it even more enjoyable. I too eat my way through NYC. So many diverse places to eat. LOVE IT!!!!

Sarah said...

Is that Jina in your picture? Does she work for XanGo now? Looks like you are still having fun! Let me know next time you have a little time in DC and I'll try to swing up there.

dad "the curran cosmos" said...

And to think, ye olde mom and dad were actually married right in the NYC Manhattan Ward bishop's office by Earl Tingey, now emeritus Seventy for the LDS Church, on May 24, 1969 - and then went right over to the Plaza Hotel so ye dad could sing two sets with The Lettermen at 9pm and 12am, and ye mom could sit and swoon with the other wives- or at least pretend to while chatting about this and that. Of course, they ate their first wedding sup in the hotel employee's cafeteria before he took the stage. And then it was two more weeks of wedded bliss and New York walks and talks until the next Lettermen gig! And they've been gigging every since!

the douglas said...

Oh, and speaking of you visiting DC, your dad was also born there, the biggest baby of the year in Doctors Hospital, and thought DC was for his initials as a kid. Yes, grew up in Silver Spring, MD, 7 miles from the White House, and ventured into town now and then, worked there off and on, and then you came into the world right outside in Fairfax VA, a fitting Bicentennial family treat in 1976! Thanks for visiting now and then and bringing back family history!