Friday, May 2, 2008

The yellow house

It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Charlotte! A lovely 75 degrees. Love, love it! And I LOOOOVE my nephews! Btw, Caiti and her fam live in a delightful yellow house. Hence, the title of my blog.

So, I'm home from Charlotte and wish I was back there. What a beautiful place! I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing weather, the lovely green, the country roads, hangin' with Gavin and Ryan and of course spending time with my li'l sister Caitilin. It's so strange that she is my little sister (4 years younger) and runs a busy household. The girl is amazing. I love, love her.

Gavin and Ryan are of course hilarious. Memorable moments: Ryan's Sunday moodiness (oh wow, I know I shouldn't have laughed, but I couldn't help it), but then snapping out of it and becoming his normal cuddle bug self. Then there is Gavin's thorough knowledge of the world; knowing where every single country is and knowing which plane will take you there. Incredible!

Then there was the moment I dropped the casserole dish while putting it in the oven, then falling off of the ride at Chuck E Cheese. Good times!


Shannon said...

STOP IT!!! I want to be there!!! Bring me something back. :)

Caitilin said...

It's not that great having her here, shouldn't be that jealous. I mean, if you were here, you'd only be scared even more!!!!! Muahhhhhahahahaha!

The Jensen Family said...

Fun! Tell Cati I said hi and she needs to update her blog!!!!! It's got Christmas on it!

The Jensen Family said...

Are you talking about erins scary faces or her monkey walk? I miss those days!

Melissa said...

I went to Charlotte a couple of months ago and it was the greatest. I really loved that city. I am hoping there is a chance we could end up there after graduate school. Maybe you could move there that would be fun.