Thursday, May 8, 2008

Enriching our lives

I came across an article in a wellness magazine and thought I'd share.
"10 Ways Your Outlook Can Enrich Your Life":

1. See the good in every person.
- The story is told of a man who worked for a large corporation at their head office skyscraper. His only duty was to operate an elevator. Although there were three elevators servicing his side of the building, most people favored his elevator because he greeted everyone who entered through his doors with kindness and joy. One executive of the corporation frequently described the elevator operator by saying: "This is our million-dollar employee. He is just as important as the top executives in our company, because all our customers love him." When asked the secret of his popularity and influence, the elevator operator replied: "I look for God in everyone, and it gives me such joy."
2. Forgive yourself.
- Just as you forgive others for their slights, misstatements, and errors of judgement, forgive yourself. Then move on.
3. Learn to bend in order not to break.
- Adapt ourselves to circumstances over which we have no control.
- Go with the flow, and learn to bend in order not break.
4. Maintain a spirit of goodwill.
- When dealing with other people, believe the best about them, see the best in them, hope for their best, and work for the best possible outcomes in your relationships with them.
5. Give up revenge.
- Harboring ill will toward another and cultivating dreams of retaliation only keep inner anxiety and agitation alive.
6. Create your own inspirational book.
- Buy a simple blank spiral notebook. Whenever you come across an uplifting quotation, write it in your book. Transcribe something that moves you in your book.
7. Be a Person of Integrity.
- Say what you mean and mean what you say. Keep your life free of deception and duplicity.
8. Lavish Others with Kindness.
- Find creative ways to spontaneously and generously lavish other people with kindness. When it comes to acts of kindness, go the extra mile and double someone's pleasure when you act.
9. Seek Out Beauty Daily.
- Walk in the park. Listen to music. Buy yourself flowers. Connecting with the beauty of the world around you is deeply healing.
10. Practice Citizenship.
- Show pride in your country by working to make the lives of every citizen better. Your own spirit will be elevated, knowing that you had a hand in improving the lot of another person.

Enrich and be Enriched!