Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{a game}

Every now and then when I get restless and want a change in scene, which let's face it is about every few weeks, I play a little game. If you dream of living and traveling to far away places, you too might enjoy it. It's very simply, really. If you are familiar with craigslist.com, you've already got a head start!

Here's how it goes:

1 - Go to craigslist.com and choose a location, or someone can choose a location for you (my co-worker Stephanie and I choose for each other).

2 - Once you have chosen your location, you will find out everything you can about this city/state/country. Particularly, you will want to find a place to live, naturally. So, find housing and take a look at what is available. In your mind, this may be just a vacation or temporary living arrangement. It's up to you. Money is not object.

3 - After finding a place to live, of course you will need a means of making income, yes? Look under the column that bolds the word jobs. Since there are so many skill sets you have, and this is just for fun anyway, choose whatever you like! I tend to choose the jobs that will give me the most time off to enjoy the area and travel about.

4 - As you are getting to know your area, look under community and find out about all the ways you can get to know people in your community. Perhaps you want to take an art class, or even volunteer in the area. So many opportunities!

The prospects are endless. I know it may seem like a silly way of passing time, but actually it helps me get out of my day to day, sometimes uneventful life. It allows me to dream of possibilities and helps me more happily enjoy my life where I am. Even if I don't take the vacation or begin the new life I planned for myself, it doesn't matter. All that matters to me is that I'm still dreaming.

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Karen said...

So fun, I likeeeee!