Saturday, August 9, 2008

I saw a streaker!

The streaker was my beloved roommate who will remain nameless (starts with an m and ends with an elanee). Bless her. I haven't seen any streaker roommates - or roommates at all for that matter, for at least two and a half years. But recently, I decided to make the move from being solo to a quartet. I was unsure of how it would be sharing quarters with more than myself, but I have found my transition to be quite painless and rather pleasant. Each time I've mentioned to someone that I've gone from being alone to sharing, they usually gasp and think we're going to be at each other's throats. That is simply not how it works - at least not with our lovely house of ladies. We are all working professionals and we enjoy each other's fun company. I didn't realize how nice it would be. Luckily I've shared a house with two of the three before. It makes things so much easier to adapt!

Anyway, not only do I love my roomies, but I love the location. I am only a couple of blocks away from where I lived for so many years in Orem. The difference in this home is that we have a lovely canyon breeze that blows freely through the house at night, which is just incredible! I love that I can hear the trees blowing in the wind at night, and can enjoy the wonderful rain falls (I was in a basement before with few windows). I'm excited to watch the seasons unfold from my bedroom window.

Seasons and streakers... it's all good fun!

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