Monday, November 10, 2008

Recap on nephew Kai's big day

Newly baptized 8 year old Kai

Kalin, Kai and Uncle Sean
Kai w/ cousins Owen and Aidan
Kai and Uncle Shane (Auntie Sharon in the back round)
Kai and Grandma
Sweet Kai

Kai and favorite Uncle Seanie

Last week I was insanely busy with XanGo's 2008 Convention in SLC. I hadn't a moment to add pictures of some events. Particularly those of Kai's baptism. I sure love this little boy. He is such a special boy to me. I'm blessed to have 6 wonderful nephews. Really, I am.


karen louise said...

Your little Kai is so adorable...he has such a sweet face!!

Nathan said...

Congrats Kai!

I hope Kai knows how special special of a Jenny Foofurt Aunt he has been blessed with!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness, he is so sweet! What a handsome little guy!

Karen Jensen said...

ah so cute! now get me the NKOTB pics asap!!! ha ha