Monday, April 27, 2009

Hi, it's me.

What a stranger to my own blog I have certainly been! Life has been busy recently. The end of this month and May will continue to be busy, actually. I just got back from a XanGo Las Vegas Regional convention last night. It was quite the show, really. When I got home yesterday morning, I was absolutely beat, which is evident by my early departure to dream land at 6:30pm and rise at 7 am this morning. Loved every moment of it. Tomorrow I leave for Charlotte on a surprise visit to my dear nephews Gavin and Ryan. I don't get to see them enough, so I fully plan on a week of hugging and kissing their heads off!
Later in the month I leave for a work trip to Frankfurt. It'll be a busy trip, but nice to be in a new place.
Anything else? I think not. Just wanted to let you, my faithful public know that I am still here :)


Rob A. said...

Can I just switch lives with you ala Freaky Friday. Sounds like you are living the dream.

Caiti said...

I can't wait for you to get here!! This will be one awesome surprise for my boys! Love you sis!

Love Histories said...

life must be busy.. no freak